HearForm Staff

Here are the people behind the scenes that help making HearForm and its clients the community it has become today!

Michael Huskey

Michael Huskey

Michael Huskey, developer of HearForm, has owned and operated three offices in San Diego County and dispensed over 7,000 hearing instruments and performed over 15,000 hearing evaluations over the past 30 years. He has experienced many of the needs of small to midsize practices.

Additionally, Michael worked for one of the top 6 hearing aid manufacturers for 10 years, helping to build practice efficiency and productivity. He has travelled to hearing aid offices in almost every state/province in the United States and Canada. Doing so has helped him to enhance HearForm to meet the needs of most dispensing practices.


HearForm is a family owned company.

Nila Huskey takes care of much of the work behind the scenes. Nila has been actively involved in the hearing healthcare industry for over 30 years and has traveled through much of the United States with a major hearing aid manufacturer. Nila has seen and learned firsthand what typical hearing dispensing/audiology and ENT based practices need to provide an efficient office workflow.


Katrina Maclay

Katrina, who is the gatekeeper for HearForm, has served as the office manager for two separate hearing care practices for over 15 years. Katrina also served as a clerk in the California municipal court system. Katrina is uniquely qualified in both customer management and has grown up in the hearing aid industry since the early 1980s.


Byron Huskey

Byron has also grown up in the hearing aid industry and has worked for HearForm since 2002. Byron is just about to graduate from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, with his bachelors degree in communications. Byron has both the mannerisms and computer skills needed to provide first-rate customer service. Byron is also responsible for our website.


Whitney Huskey

Like Byron, Whitney has also grown up in the hearing aid industry and has worked part-time for HearForm since 2006. Whitney is in charge of Social Media as well as some day-to-day customer attention. She attends college at Eastern Washington University.


Joy Huskey

Joy became a licensed dispenser in California in 1981. Under her ownership and management, her San Diego based offices won the prestigious Western Regional Award from Beltone Electronics. She has personally helped thousands of patients with their hearing healthcare needs and brings significant experience and expertise to our company.


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