Scheduling: Watch the Training Video


Here are just some of the many features available in our scheduling module and. Visit each Feature Sub-Section by clicking the desired category.

At-a-Glance Styles

View from one to six columns on each scheduler. Multi-Office schedules allow unlimited clinicians.

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Week View

Each clinician can view their schedule that displays one week's appointments on the screen.

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Schedule with Top Notes

Add unlimited notes to the top of each individual column with reminders or other important text.

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Blocking Appointment Times

Block out time slots for lunch, meetings and specific appointment types for any time length.

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Appointment Letters

Easily send patients a reminder letter (with turn by turn directions) to help ensure appointments are kept.

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E-mail Reminders

One click to send your patients e-mail reminders of their appointments. Attach an Outlook reminder file.

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Side Calendars

Tate navigation is easier than ever with our new multipurpose calendar display.

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Filter by Appointment Type

Filters allow you to display only appointment types desired. (Show only Hearing Tests temporarily.)

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Filter by Clinician

Filters allow you to display only clinician schedules desired. (Show only audiologists B & E temporarily.)

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Appointment History at Home

Each patient's entire appointment history is now visible from the home screen.

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Summary Tracking

You'll love the ability to see your appointment histories and results in a meaningful summary report.

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Detailed Tracking

Create your own reports to display patient appointment information in any number of ways.

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Appointment Tracking

The Tracking Menu stores detailed information about every appointment. This data is reflected in reports.

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Print Superbills

Start your day by easily printing a superbill for each desired appointment.

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Print or PDF Schedules

Print the day or week for one clinician or all clinicians. Send your schedule as a PDF to anyone.

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